The Newtown Police Department issued a community-wide warning on Wednesday (4/24/24). They alerted parents in town that they've received a large number of calls reporting kids were hanging out on private property recently.

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One top of the whole "private" nature of the property, it's apparently a health risk to be there. Here is what the press release said:

"Newtown Police Department has been getting an increase of calls of juveniles gathering at the property of 44-46 Swamp Road known as the Batchelders Site. Newtown PD would like to make parents aware that this is private property, which is gated and marked with No trespassing signs. Entering this property is a violation of CT General Statutes which could result in issuance of an infraction up to an arrestable offense. Juveniles should not be dropped off at this property.
It should also be known this is a brownfield, or industrial contaminated site due to metallic dross still located on the property of the former smelting business. Entering the site is not only dangerous but hazardous to the individuals trespassing.
There have been ongoing efforts by the Town of Newtown, along with the EPA, to clean up and remediate the site. Please check out a recent The Newtown Bee article below in regards to those efforts."
Newtown PD
Newtown PD
 I speak police officer so I will interpret for everyone. They are basically saying this:
Hey guys, you can't drop your kids off at Swamp Road! It's not your property and who the hell is supposed to be watching them anyway? What is so hard about this? Was the sign that said "NO TRESPASSING" in bright orange letters difficult to read? Did the massive gate send the wrong message?
Look, we warned you! We're going to arrest the next person we find out there just to send a message. Oh, and just in case the law didn't get your attention you should know the joint is contaminated and your kid is probably going to grow a thumb out of their ear-flap if you let them go back. Are we clear?
I feel I've done my community service for the day.
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While we're on the subject of trespassing, here is an entire article I wrote about the dumb things we did in Brewster when I was young.

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