Although I was born in Connecticut, the home of some of the best seafood in the world, I've always had a soft spot in my whole-belly for Long John Silver's. I thought they were all gone around here, but I was wrong.

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Just when I thought that I have been everywhere in this state, I discover a 'Hidden gem' that I never knew existed, you're good Connecticut. I was driving through Plainville last weekend, when I saw an old friend at 167 New Britain Avenue - Long John Silver's, and it was open.

I love when you eat something that you enjoyed as kid, and it still tastes the same. So many products have been improved, or refined, but my precious Hush Puppies at Long John Silver's have retained that classic taste since I first tried them in the 70's. There's nothing special about the taste, it's just a fried cornmeal mix, but they remind me of my youth, and I crave them.

I used to go to the Long John Silver's in the Danbury Fair Mall food court all the time to get my hush puppy fix. But it closed, as did most all of the other LJS's locations around Connecticut. As of right now, in 2023? I though I found a unicorn, but damn Hartford, you have another in your area. The second Long John Silver's left in Connecticut is located at 485 Flatbush Ave in Hartford.


Both of them are Taco Bell/Long John Silver's hybrids, so wash your hush puppy down with a Chalupa, like I did.

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