New Milford is largest town in all of Connecticut, in your face Woodstock! It's so large that I pass by four Dunkin's throughout New Milford on my way to work.

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Three of them feature drive-thru's, and one of them is walk-in. Which one of them, in your opinion, is the quickest to get in and out of? Restaurants are held accountable for the time that us customers spend in drive-thru lines, that's why you're told to pull over to spot 1 while your burger cooks, even though there may be no one at all in line behind you.

Also, I understand that employees have a bad day, two people called out, product shortage, etcetera, happens. The ultimate goal is order your food, pay, go.

Which of New Milford's 4 Dunkin's is the Quickest? (In Your Opinion)

I pass by all 4 of the Dunkin's in New Milford on my way into work, and I've been into all of them multiple times, which one do you think is the quickest to get in and out of?

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