I'm a slow beast and I watch a lot of television. I pay attention to the commercials too. I consume 100 prescription medication commercials a day, there are so many. Do you identify with some of the actors in the commercials like I do? The one that is really catching my attention lately is for a medication named Vyvgart.

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I'm a big guy with arthritic knees, I move slower than the average human. There's something about this Vyvgart commercial that draws me in, makes me say 'Oh! THAT'S me! I'm that actor.' Very effective ads do that to you. If you haven't spent the last two months glued to your television like I have, or know what I'm talking about, here you go:

Bravo to the marketing team that created that. Oh man, the slow down of the music? It makes you feel the crush of lethargy, right? The first time I saw that, I felt like the Leonardo DiCaprio meme where he's excitedly pointing up at the TV screen. Look, it's me!

I started thinking about where I would film a Vyvgart commercial in Connecticut, where do I feel like a slowpoke that can't keep up with my surroundings?


The first place that I thought of was Stew Leonard's. I love the store, but I feel like I'm being chased through every time by quicker customers. I feel guilty lingering around the steak selection, because there's always someone behind me.


Neil's Donuts Wallingford location is the other place that makes me feel like I'm in a Vyvgart commercial. The donuts are so good, Neil's is pushing out dozens a second, and it can feel like you're in the midst of a ball of confusion with hungry donut-eaters behind you.

Another store that I always feel too slow for is Trader Joe's. They have such a compact store design, I feel like I'm in everybody's way there in any of them.

Isn't it funny what pops in your head after being exposed to thousands of hours of marketing?

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