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21 days ago a post showed up on Craigslist, in the "Missed Connections" section titled: "Danbury Mall Parking Lot (Danbury)" and below that, the following:

"Wow... The adultery I witness there is incredible. If it's not the people fooling around in their car, it's the housewives that drive there to get into a waiting car to go to a more secure location. To the older female that parked next to me today, YES , what you thought I was doing I was ;)"


OK, where to begin? There is no name, that is highly unusual on Craigslist personal ads anyway. The claims of "incredible adultery" are without any real merit from a rando on C-List but the other part, that is eye-opening. We have a human (potentially) saying "YES, what you thought I was doing." So it's exactly what we think, right?

Now, that is a guess, I don't know. No one is really saying anything here and that is the brilliance of this admission/non-admission. Maybe she thought, he/she/they/them was wiping donut dust off their new pants, that is a thing, right? They could have been playing Tetris, maybe rubbing out a charlie horse?

Maybe none of that? Was the "older female" thinking this person was memorizing their lines for an upcoming off-Broadway production? If we don't know what the older female was "thinking" we can never know what this person was admitting to doing. BUT WE DO. 

Just wanted you to know that while you're hauling ass into the parking lot to get some new pants for your nephew, Home(boy/girl) is "doing what you thought."

Is this a thing in the Hat City? Are there secret hookup zones? I was floored when I heard about the senior citizens getting theirs in the woods by the rest stop but I just figured that was a weird thing old people do not a piece of a bigger puzzle. Man, just when I think I have everything figured out.

I'm flabbergasted bro. We talked about this on the Friday edition of the I-95 Morning Show, listen below.

One of our listeners also told us a hilarious story about a cop they know.


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