I've always been a fan of skateboarders and their culture, even though I've never been brave enough to try to get good at riding. I have a lot of respect for those that do. While the rest of Connecticut is Pickleball crazed, Naugatuck is reinvesting their resources into a brand new skatepark, and they're almost ready to pin down the Grand Opening date.

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According to an article by the Mayor of Naugatuck Mayor Pete Hess, Naugatuck's brand-new, locally-sourced skatepark is nearing completion, and if everything goes as planned, the Grand Opening most likely will take place next month - April 2023.


A team of volunteers, Naugatuck Street Department workers, and Rampage Skatepark Equipment are hard at work right now putting the finishing touches on a 15,000 square foot facility next to the basketball courts in Naugatuck's Linden Park. You can expect a 14 foot capsule (Empty swimming pool), and an 8 foot quarter pipe, plus many other special features. According to Hess, Naugatuck's Street Department has kept costs down through the project by processing the stone and the fill in-house, and they're also assisted with grading and compacting.

In the end, Naugatuck will have one of the nicest skateparks in Connecticut. There really isn't a lot of competition close to Naugy in the valley or Greater Waterbury area. According to skatethestates.com, some of Connecticut's best skateparks are located in Newtown, Plainfield, South Windsor, and Groton. Has Tony Hawk ever been to Naugatuck? Maybe you can lure him to the Grand Opening with some Loaded Goat Coffee Mayor Hess?

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