God bless the people who run animal shelters, as much as it hurts to watch those public service announcements, I keep in mind that all of those animals were found in that condition, but they were rescued. It's our turn now Connecticut, if you've ever considered adopting a cat or dog, there are 32 of them that really need your help in Monroe.

According to SPCA Animal Shelter in Monroe, despite a slew of effort to keep their no-kill shelter in operation, financial constraints have done them in. Their property on Spring Hill Road in Monroe is in foreclosure, and will be auctioned off on May 6, 2023. SPCA Animal Shelter was formerly known as Animal Adoption Network, and been there for more than 20 years.

The countdown is on, as of today, there are 64 days left before all of their animals must be removed from the property. SPCA is currently taking care of 18 dogs, and 14 cats. You can see profiles and videos of most of them at SPCA of Connecticut: Final Days Countdown on Facebook. Most of the stories behind their beautiful animals are ones of being rescued from high-kill shelters, or abandonment. It seems there are pets available in a decent range of ages also, they're not all puppies or over 10 years old.

I've been a dog dad for most of my life, and my little friends have given me unconditional love and have created so much joy. One or more of those 32 will too, if you take a moment to save their life.

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