I went on a search for websites that were great for wasting some time. If you have some time to waste, I think you are going to be happy with what I came up with.

Quick Draw is a Google site that gives you 20 seconds to draw what they tell you and the website has to guess what you are drawing. It shouts out answers as you go and is very addicting. I think the only one I had problem with after playing five rounds, was a fire hydrant.

If you want to visit random places all around the world, at the click of a button, Map Crunch is the way to go. You click a location, followed by clicking "Go" and you are in the random spot in that place for the day. I didn't expect much with this one, but was in awe of some of the places I got to see. This is highly addictive, especially if you are a person who loves to travel.

This guy, Trevor, thinks he looks like Barack Obama, or he at least says he does. It's not close, but still worth four seconds.

If you love art, or psychedelic drugs, you will love this site. I'm just joshing, everyone should take a look at this (unless you get motion sickness) because it's really impressive.

If it's not Christmas, this website will let you know. I only put this on the list so that I can remember to share the link with my mom when she puts up her decorations on Halloween. Holla if ya hear me!

You know when people say, "it's like crack" and you think, how would you know?  Get ready to DO crack! When you move the mouse, it provides a new photo of a person pointing. No big deal right? It's no big deal if you leave the site after the first photo, I got hooked after photo number 2 where I was convinced I saw an old Myspace photo of a friend of mine. You can't get the photo back so you keep chasing that high. Good luck.

You start with a circle, you move the mouse and it splits into two circles, move it again and it divides into four, on and on you go until you see a koala picture develop. Once you know it's there, you cannot stop until you see the koala.

I get it, you have to get back to work and real life, I understand. Good luck with that.

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