According to Brobible young dudes are running their buddies over with their golf carts on the golf course. They are of course filming it and posting it online in an effort to go viral and that's just the time we live in.

I was a young dude with just enough money and free time to be a danger to myself and others so I cannot get too mad when the kids find a new way to hurt each other. Usually I do find their activities stupid but I gotta say I like this one.

I mean physical humor appeals to 100% of people assuming no one dies or is severely injured, so you got that going out of the gate. Then you have the element of surprise which is fun. No matter what this one just seems like a good time.

My question is how do you not know it's coming? I know golf carts are quiet but if you can't feel something that big coming at you, you may not be fit for life here on Planet Earth. Hit em straight weirdos.

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