If you love trying new things, if you love ice cream, if you love things that are ahead of the curve, then this will be one of your favorite new hot spots.

While I'm more of a fan of savory food items, I do love an interesting sweet treat. So I'm excited to check out the newest craze — Thai Rolled Ice Cream. What, you may say, is that? Check it out. Dare I say, how cool is this:

Let your taste buds great ready to rejoice, because Ice Monster opens soon at 130 Federal Road in Danbury. Forget about Bubble Tea, Thai Rolled Ice Cream will be the deliciousness that you won't be able to resist. I'm thinking this is going to be the next best thing around, and Danbury will totally be on-trend, as we all discover this taste sensation.

I'm ready to see what interesting things, and flavors, can be curled up into my cup of ice cream. Time to just roll with it!

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