The Big E, New England's biggest fair, is coming September 15 through October 1 to West Springfield, Massachusetts. It's a huge event, with hundreds of different food vendors and thousands of people grazing through.

I was reading a post from, and caught a couple of new food products that are going to be making their debut this year. Get ready to stuff your face like Kobayashi:

Credit-Getty Images
Credit-Getty Images

The first item that caught my fat eye was the Burger Bomb, which will be served up at Hofbrau Joe's. It's a stuffed, deep fried half-pound burger, served with a bowl of goulash stew. Even after typing just that sentence, I need Miralax.

The second bowel-destroyer that made me groan is the Flatliner Burger, which will be served up by The West Springfield Lions Club. It's a huge cheeseburger if you couldn't guess, topped with chili, french fries, and so much cheese, you'll definitely need to call Roto-Rooter.

And finally, gourmet tater tots served up by the food truck Tots-a-Lot. Their Chicken "Tot" Pie and "Tot"chos look amazing.

While you waddle around stuffing your faces at The Big E, you can also catch national performers entertaining you. This year's slate of bands and performers include Night Ranger, Cole Swindell, Grand Funk Railroad, The Village People, Sheila E, and The Machine performing Pink Floyd.

It's a huge, family-friendly atmosphere, and I highly recommend it.

You can buy your tickets in advance by clicking HERE.

Check out some of the awesome times we've had at The Big E in the past:

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