As anxious as we all are to get our power restored, for good reason, we must remember the dangerous job that the linemen and women are doing for us, and remeber that patience is a virtue. The recent tornado activity here in Connecticut, and in New York, brought down poles, lines, trees, and wires everywhere. Line men and women are working over head, and down in ditches to help us regain power, and are seemingly everywhere as well. Some crews have come from other regions of the northeast. It’s common for workers to travel long distances to areas needing service affected by severe weather.

Frequently leaving their kids and families members for extended periods of time, power company line workers must take major safety precautions to make sure they return home again to them. Forbes says that it’s one of the most dangerous, and deadly jobs in the nation, attributing this statement to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

From live wires, to high climbs, slippery conditions, being amidst heavy traffic, and inclement weather, it’s not a job for just anyone. Watch any one of these videos and you’ll gain a special appreciation for their work.

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