It's got to suck getting busted for doing something bad when your parents are public figures. In an instant, you're plastered all over TMZ, Dlisted, and, with the world judging you on a stupid move.

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Can you imagine the fun that the former President of the United States, George W. Bush, went through when his daughters Barbara and Jenna were busted for trying to use a fake ID to get into Toad's Place in New Haven? Oh, it happened, and I got the story about the incident when I interviewed the man that owns Toad's Place, Brian Phelps.

Phelps, and co-author Randall Beach, have just released an excellent book called The Legendary Toad's Place - Stories From New Haven's Famed Music Venue, and in chapter 9, titled "The Celebrities", Phelps and Beach tell us about some of the famous faces that have been inside 300 York Street, and one story really made me laugh.

I asked Brian to tell me about the time, in October 2000, that Barbara Bush tried to use a fake ID to get into the 21 or older side of Toad's Place, and got caught.

George W. Bush's Daughter Barbara Got Busted For A Fake ID at Toad's Place

Sure, college kids try to use fake ID's all the time to get into nightclubs, but you shouldn't if you're the POTUS's daughter, right?

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