They are calling it a 'brazen act' and wondering how anyone could get away with it?

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There is a video making the rounds on social media, specifically Reddit where alleged thieves, grab TVs and walk out the front door of a big box store without paying. The video says the alleged robbery happened at an unspecified Wallingford Store and is titled: "The Oxford gang struck again - TVs in Wallingford this time." 

The video was cross-posted this morning u/nikedude and features what appears to be at least three adult suspects grabbing massive HDTV's, walking out the front door with them and loading them into the back of a van. It also looks as if the person who shot the video attempted to stop one of the suspects in the middle of the act but was unable to thwart the robber.

Reddit commenters were scratching their heads and wondering, why no one stopped them and speculating about how the police will handle the situation. These are some of the comments on the video:

  • WorldWideBlockchain - "So they won’t be arrested? Clearly they got a license plate. If not then why is anyone paying for anything?"
  • Ruca705 - "They will definitely be charged now that the plate is on video. As long as it’s the real plate that is in one of their names."
  • slimpickens - "I would guess they stole the mini van and once they got a bit away from the scene they would move the tvs to that truck and ditch the van. That’s why they blocked the blocked the plate on that truck."
  • Mofiremofire - "The people filing should have gotten the VIN off the dash."
  • pauly137 - "Appears to he the same cars as a few days ago when they stole several hundreds of dollars worth of laundry detergent so I'm guessing stolen plates."

The above comment was in reference to another Reddit video that made the social media rounds on Wednesday (11/10/21). In that video titled, "What's the Story With This", thieves look to be stealing massive amounts of laundry detergent. They are shown taking the detergent, loading it into two vehicles and taking off. One of the two vehicles looks very similar to the van used in the Wallingford TV video.

The same footage was shown in a WFSB Youtube video.

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