As we edge closer to the new year of 2022, Connecticut is preparing to launch its recreational cannabis program and will eventually see a flood of applicants. But, unfortunately, the complicated process for licensing producers for its adult recreational cannabis program could very well affect the price of pot in Connecticut.

Since recreational cannabis became legal in Connecticut on June 16, 2021, various town officials throughout the state have made it clear they are not interested in pursuing the sale of recreational marijuana in their town, and they are:

  1. Clinton
  2. Guilford
  3. Madison
  4. North Branford
  5. Enfield
  6. Milford
  7. Greenwich
  8. Newtown
  9. Prospect
  10. Avon
  11. Southington
  12. Ridgefield
  13. Danbury
  14. Orange

According to Hearst Connecticut Media, some of these CT towns have made up their minds to ban the sale of recreational pot altogether, and some have passed a one-year moratorium to give planners time to sit back and digest Connecticut's new adult cannabis law.

According to greenmarketreport.comVerano Holdings Corp. is making some moves in Connecticut by acquiring Caring Nature, LLC and Connecticut Pharmaceutical Solutions, Inc. Retail sales of recreational marijuana in Connecticut have been targeted at the end of 2022.

There's a long list of rules and regulations as in 54 pages of specific policies about obtaining a license to sell legal weed in Connecticut, along with a hefty price tag. It will cost medical marijuana dispensaries $1 million if they choose to sell recreational cannabis as well.

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