Professional Wrestler, Brian Anthony, is a local guy. He comes out of Bethel, lives in Brookfield, and has been coming on our show from the beginning.

He joined us in studio this morning to talk wrestling and promote tonight's Northeast Wrestling event at the Danbury P.A.L. building.

My dude needs to relax with the fluorescent green. You are burning my rods and cones, Bri, back it down. Also, thanks for coming in and threatening me for the 5,000th time since we met.

You can see Cody Rhodes the defending his Northeast Wrestling championship against Ricochet. Other stars include Jerry "The King" Lawlor, Ryback and Jack Swagger. Get your tickets here. 

There will be an autograph session starting at 5:30, and the show gets started between 7 and 7:30. Be there, or Cody Rhodes may come to your house and kick you in the neck.

P.S. Top 5 favorite wrestlers all time:

1 - Rowdy Roddy Piper

2 - Stone Cold Steve Austin

3 - Hulk Hogan

4 - Ultimate Warrior

5 - The Rock

Bonus: Cody Rhodes Told Ethan & Lou Which Northeast Wrestler He Can't Stand:


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