Stew Leonard's bovines have again produced another flavored milk! How do they do it?

Fresh off their run of Apple Pie a la Mode flavored milk last month, Stews has done it again and have come up with yet another Christmas miracle which is their Stew Leonard's Christmas Cookie Milk, according to a social media post from Danbury's favorite store.

Their sugar cookie milk is a creamy sweet milk that tastes like you just dunked a sugar cookie in a cold glass of milk.

Don't get me wrong, I love Stew Leonards and always have since they opened their Danbury store in 1991. Their mission statement is admirable which states that "The Customer Always Comes First." Truth be told, I'm more of an old-school milk and cookies guy.

Some of you may find this repugnant, but I don't even dip my cookies in milk. My technique is to take a bite of my cookie of choice and then chase it with a drink of ice cold milk. This particular technique allows you to capture the full flavor of the cookie first before the milk is added which supplements the entire 'milk and cookies' experience! I understand it's freaky so don't hate me.

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