Did I hear correctly? Did someone say Stew Leonard's has come up with milk that tastes like apple pie a la mode?

In a world filled with one crisis after another, Stew Leonard's is like a lighthouse in the harbor leading us into our Thanksgiving holiday. You can always depend on your traditional holiday refreshments like fresh eggnog and a hot toddy, but now, Stew Leonard's introduces their limited edition 'Apple Pie A La Mode' flavored milk.

Imagine at the age of 38, your mom's pouring this luscious cold beverage into your favorite milk glass as you get ready to dig into a plate of fresh turkey and gravy, goat cheese mashed potatoes, and Aunt Tilly's green bean casserole.

The more I think about this, the more I think this may not be working for me. When I think about pie a la mode, my tastebuds remember a warm piece of fresh apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream with a glass of ice cold milk as a chaser. But not to worry, because at Stew's, you can eat your pie and drink it too. Everything in Stew's extraordinary bakery is made fresh every day.

Keep this in mind. If you're not into cooking that huge Thanksgiving meal, have Stew's cook it all and you can just swing by and pick it up!

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