One Ridgefield couple's dream just got closer to happening for real.

In early November I told you about the possibility of a residential home in Ridgefield being partially turned into a Bed & Breakfast.

Well, that second hearing has come and gone, and despite some residents concerns about it's affect on property values, traffic problems and safety issues, it looks like the B&B is going to happen.

The News Times reports that after the Nov. 14 town meeting, the Ridgefield zoning officials voted in favor of the drafted proposal by Catherine and Thomas Savoca to convert two of the bedroom's in their home on Circle Drive into a bed and breakfast. At this point it still isn't a done deal. The zoning commission set conditions including a prohibition on street parking by guests. The final decision could come some time next week.

Zoning Chairwoman, Rebecca Mucchetti told 

This is not a complicated application, but it became very controversial. But law restricts us from applying neighborhood sentiment against our own zoning regulations, and this application meets all of our zoning regulations. As concerned as I understand the neighborhood is, the concerns are speculative

My bet is that soon people will be enjoying the views from the new Bed and Breakfast in the Circle Drive home, and taking in all the great things to do and see in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

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