According to the New York Post, residents in Castle Park, CO say a residential home is being used for sex parties. Said parties are advertised online as taking place in the "Thunderstorm Play Palace."

According to the article, the home is open to swingers, and provides food and booze. The parties are invite-only, but as many as 400 people get invited to these parties. Admission AKA "donations" are reportedly $70 per couples and single men, and $20 for single women.

Apparently, neighbors of the home are not delighted. They have complained about noise, and expressed concerns about their children possibly being exposed to potential side effects of wild sex parties. For his part, the unnamed organizer says the neighbors have been harassing him, and even went as far as to vandalize his car.

I don't want to sound like a prude, but I don't think residential neighborhoods should play host to wild sex parties. I can see how that could make for a not-so-family-friendly environment. The moral degeneration, however, is NOT my biggest problem.

What I find most disturbing about these parties is they are serving food. How can anyone eat with all that swingin' going on? I mean, even if that is your "thing," should you be plowing a cheese plate with so much nudity around you? There has to be a health code violation here somewhere.

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