You know how it is; every state has its locations that people cannot stop talking about: restaurants, historic sites, and amusement parks that come together to define a place. Every state in our great nation has these familiar addresses, and that includes the Nutmeg State.

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For as much as I write and talk about these places, I've not visited some really obvious spots.

7 Uniquely Connecticut Places I've Never Been To

I've lived in Connecticut for a long time, so it's almost embarrassing that I've not been to these 7 uniquely Connecticut places.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

I have lived in Connecticut for about 15 years over two tours, and I love it here. The fact is, it's safe, beautiful, and the food is great, but I would not call it the most exciting place to live in America, and that is probably what I like most about it. I'm not interested in doing something every day; I just want to chill and occasionally go somewhere that will make my wife happy.

I tell you where I have been while you were doing all of this.

1 - My living room

2 - My bedroom

3 - The I-95 Studio

4 - Pippa's - South Street in Danbury

5 - My parent's kitchen in Brewster

6 - Candlewood Lake

That is a wrap. Tell me which of the Connecticut locations above I must visit first.

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