Every day we hear the terrible news about another heritage business in Connecticut for decades closing down for good. The retail and restaurant apocalypse is happening before our eyes. While I appreciate something new coming along that may get me interested in shopping there again, I've found that some of the same types of businesses are taking over, and I don't like it.

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Variety is the spice of life, but Connecticut has way too many types of certain types of businesses. Dunkin and McDonald's are on every street corner in every town in Connecticut, and there's still a demand. What are some of the businesses that always seem empty? Here's a few that I think we can thin the herd on.

There Are Too Many of These Types of Businesses in Connecticut

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Here's Where to Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day in Connecticut

Saturday, April 27 is Independent Bookstore Day 2024, a National celebration honoring readers with exclusive books releases, parties, and other festivities. Here's a list of independent booksellers across Connecticut that are taking part in the 2024 celebration.

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The Seasonal Restaurants Opening in April-May in Connecticut

We're finally getting a taste of the 70 degree weather today, and this will kick-start the seasonal giants of Connecticut's hot dog and lobster shacks into the 2024 season. A few have opened, but here are the legendary names opening up for business in April and May 2024 around Connecticut

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