This morning, I went to use the restroom here at the radio station, and found there was a new note on the wall. This was not surprising to me. We have what I call, "passive aggressive" notes posted in there like once a week. It's just a thing, some people behave more like monkeys in the bathroom than they do humans. This note was unique though.

This is the first time we had a note posted from an "outsider." Normally, the notes are staff members fighting with each other over keeping the bathroom clean, replacing the toilet paper, etc. This time, it was the cleaning guy who posted the note. The floor was SO gross, he felt compelled to remind us to aim.


People SHOULD attempt to get their various "business" IN the bowl. I agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly. I feel for the guy or lady who had to clean up after us. Good use of "dude." Really, it was an all-around solid shame letter. The message was very effectively delivered.

But, I did have that feeling like you sometimes get as a parent when another adult who's not related to you corrects your child. It's like whoa! We got this. We can talk bad about each other but I'll be damned if I'm going to let an outsider do it. In fact, in protest of the "Outside" critique, I'll be hosting a big pee party at 3:00 pm. We don't want anyone getting Uromisitisis after all.

In all my many years of watching Seinfeld over and over it just occurred to me today how much "pee" material they did on that show. Good stuff.

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