According to My Statesman, Texas has no laws banning regular folks from having exotic pets. Texas does not even care if you have a tiger in your backyard. The article actually says that Texas has the second largest tiger population in the world behind India.

So what could go wrong? I mean, you have a tiger in your house, but you know what you are doing. You did not register it with the state, no biggie. Many of the tigers are not registered with the state, according to the report. I know Greg got a tiger and did not notify anyone, why should I have to?

I'm all for letting freedom ring, but can we get our act together already? You don't need a tiger. The tiger is going to eat you, or worse, eat someone in your neighborhood who never agreed for a tiger to be in the neighborhood. Yes, everything is bigger in Texas, but some "big ideas" are not great.

Exotic pet guy is not my kind of guy. This is all about having, getting, needing attention around the clock. I can't hang with that guy.

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