The CBS News headline reads, "Maps show where trillions of cicadas will emerge in the U.S. this spring. If you're a lover of insects, especially CICADAS, 2024 will be a banner year for bug geeks!

What exactly are 'zombie cicadas'? CBS NEWS reports that during the summer of 2024, zombie cicadas are expected to surface from their underground home with a fungus that turns them into hypersexual-mating zombies that spread the fungus-like an STD and persevere until their genitals actually fall off!!

Trillions of these little buggers will crawl out of their underground bunkers, which some call 'Cicada-Geddon,' but these sex-crazed infected zombie cicadas, I'm sorry to say, will NOT be touring the state of Connecticut in 2024. A double brood of periodical cicadas will emerge from the ground this spring, molt, and take to the trees to serenade 17 states across the Southeast and Midwest.

According to the University of Connecticut, two separate periodical "broods" of zombie cicadas will emerge in 17 states this year. This co-emergence hasn't occurred in 221 years and won't happen again until 2245. The next Cicadaapocalypse won't happen in Connecticut until at least 2037. The following YouTube video shows exactly what happens during a cicada geddon.

According to the website, Chris Simon, PhD, and senior research scientist at the University of Connecticut stated, "So, if the branches of every tree where you live become heavy with chorusing cicadas this late spring and early summer, slow down and stand in awe of nature. The phenomenon of periodical cicadas with synchronized broods of 13- and 17-year lifecycles is found only in eastern North America. “(It is) one of the wonders of the world,”

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