Great BBQ places have come and gone around Western Connecticut. I dearly miss RW's in Brookfield, Gary's in New Milford, and I also missed Uncle Willy's in Waterbury. They used to be on Huntington Avenue, right near another great that recently closed, Carmen Anthony's. Well, the good news is, Uncle Willie's is alive and very well. They've been operating two restaurants, in West Haven, and the one I went to Friday night, along Rt. 67 in Seymour.

Photo by Large "pork rind" Dave

I ordered eight of their finest Kansas City Ribs, an order of the Corn Fritters, and the mac and cheese. The guys behind the counter were working hard, as the Friday night crush was on, but the food arrived quickly, perfectly cooked, and went down without a fight. I love vinegar-based BBQ sauce, and Uncle Willie's is delicious. Just the right bite of pepper after the vinegar burn. The mac and cheese was amazing, dripping in gooey yellow cheese. My favorite, though, was the corn fritters. Delicious little puffs of dough with fresh corn kernels.

They haven't missed a beat at Uncle Willie's. They still serve the same great, wood-smoked favorites done right. Oh, and if this made you hunger for ribs and pulled pork, You should come to our Bacon and Brew Festival on July 16 in Danbury, I assure you, you will be in BBQ heaven.