A lot of people have certain restaurants that they frequent, places where they feel comfortable and know the staff. There is a place in Newtown that fits that description for me and my family, and we have been going there for years.

I remember when The Villa was Pizza Villa. It was a little pizza place with a salad bar and a video store next to it - remember those? It was fun going to pick up a pizza, because we always went next door to the video store to pick out a movie. Plus, the pizza has always been really good.

Years ago, they changed from Pizza Villa to The Villa, and redesigned the whole building. So, the video store went away and they expanded the pizza place into a bigger restaurant. The interior is really nice.

I love the Octagon Room. It's a room that has an octagon shape (hence the name) and the walls are beautifully painted. The walls look like they are covered with wallpaper, but they are painted. A local artist had painted the room back when they expanded the restaurant.

You can also sit outside if you would like. They have a nice sized patio for patrons to use. So, if it's a warm day, you can sit outside and enjoy your meal in the fresh air.

Now, onto the food. They still make their really good pizza. In fact, when we first moved to Newtown in 1983, my parents were on the search for a pizza place that was as good as the New York pizza places they were used to. They found that pizza at Pizza Villa, and that's been the go-to pizza place since. In addition to the pizza, they have a full menu with appetizers, entrées, desserts, and they have specials too. For their full menu go to thevillarestaurantofnewtown.com.

My family and I had dinner there this past weekend for my dad's birthday, and we each got a different entrée. I had the Lobster Mac & Cheese, and it was really good. I'm looking forward to having the leftovers for lunch. Everyone else enjoyed their meals too, including the kids (there's a kids menu).

Do you have a go-to restaurant in your town?

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