At 5:45 am on Wednesday, the day after a tornado touched down in New Fairfield, I knew I had a decision to make.

I know my wife and after 42 years of marriage, I knew I would be in for a world of hurt if I didn't book a room at a nearby hotel for the night. It's a damn good thing I got on the phone at 5:45 am because I got the very last room at La Quinta in Bethel. Here's film from WTNH about the storm mess in Brookfield.

So on Wednesday, one day after the storm, when we came to the realization that our power was going to be out for at least a week, we decided to book the hotel room to shield the blow of having no lights and no water which means no showers and no number twos. Worst of all, no more binge watching 'Scandal' on Netflix.

We set out in two cars at 3 pm and got in line on Rt.37 behind about 50 cars attempting to break out of New Fairfield in search of a decent meal, hot water, and all the time I needed to relax in the bathroom reading the latest AARP Magazine. A trip that usually takes 20 minutes, took us 1 hour which is nothing compared to the devastation caused by falling trees that toppled on homes and cars.

To get an estimate for power restoration in your town, click this EverSource link.

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