Danbury just landed a brand new Mediterranean restaurant.

The Grand Opening of Danbury's newest eatery, '4 Seasons Mediterranean Cuisine' at 54 Pembroke Rd. took place on Thursday complete with a celebratory ribbon-cutting by Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton.

Photo Credit - Mediterranean Restaurant's FB Page...

According to the Mediterranean's FB page, the restaurant highlights traditional homemade Italian dishes coupled with hints of Spanish and French cooking. Their pasta and sauces are all homemade.

What jumped out at me from their mouthwatering menu selections was the fact that they offered one of my favorite dishes called, Paella, one of Spain's signature dishes that's cooked in a special paella pan with chicken and sausage or shrimp coupled with short-grained rice, saffron, garlic, green peas, and sweet paprika. It's like placing a slice of heaven in your mouth. We're talking food orgasm people! To scan the 4 Seasons Mediterranean Cuisines menu, click this link.