It's that time of the year again. Not college hoops madness......I'm talkin' Mash Up Madness Baby!!!

Odds are you've heard of a Mash Up before. Wikipedia defines it as "a song or composition created by blending two or more pre-recorded songs, usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the instrumental track of another." To read more on the history of Mash Ups just go here. But we can get to that later. Right now it's time to check out a handful of very cool Mash Ups!

This one is called "Rock In Black" featuring Queen, AC/DC, Robert Plant & Friends including a brief appearance from The Prince Of Darkness but you'll have to listen closely or you'll miss him!

Welcome to "Sgt. Pepper's Paradise".....The rock 'n' roll city that never sleeps!

Two singers who left us too soon in this one. Michael Jackson and Jim Morrison with The Doors Mash Up for "Billy Jean On The Storm"

This one is a real 80s trip. It's Ozzy Osbourne and A-Ha with "Take Me On The Crazy Train"

This is my personal favorite. Diamond David Lee Roth with the great John Lennon mash up for a very cool song called "Imagine A Jump".

Now it's time to vote for your favorite Mash Up!



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