According to the NY Post, this 21-year-old model is one of the hottest things in the fashion/modeling world right now. She has gigs with Guess and Polaroid, just to name a few. Her name is Sophia Hadjipanteli:

When I embark on a subject like this, I hear my wife's voice in my head. She says things like "who cares what you think?" She says, "why you gotta be a hater?" She says, "just let people be who they are and what they are."

I'm going to follow Erica's advice today, because I feel a hurricane of superficial "mean kid" observations coming on. It is not my business, not my head, and it's a world (fashion) I have nothing to do with and know nothing about.

I can say this much: It's a hell of a lot better than the ladies who shave their eyebrows off and draw new ones on with a blue pen. This I cannot understand. You really run the risk of turning into Uncle Leo from Seinfeld, who was minding his own business all the while still upsetting people with the eyebrows Elaine drew on him.

You go rock that "head bush," Sophia, get that money.

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