A massive statewide operation that saw 285 arrest warrants served across Connecticut yesterday included the arrest of 197, including 16 people right here in Greater Danbury.

According to press releases from both the Connecticut State Police and the Danbury Polcie Department, "Operation Praying Mantis" (named after Connecticut's state insect) came to fruition yesterday (July 18) after several months of planning between over 90 municipal, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Police say the targets of the operation were people in Connecticut currently wanted on outstanding arrest warrants stemming from a mix of felonies and misdemeanors.

The Danbury PD reports that for their end of the initiative, they served 17 warrants, which also lead to the arrest of one individual, 29-year-old Thomas Pryce of Danbury, who they believe was involved in a very large illegal marijuana operation. Officers say Pryce's arrest saw the seizure of 9 lbs. of marijuana, two lbs. of marijuana oil, pre-rolled joints, disposable marijuana vape pens, and hundreds of empty vape pens ready to be filled with marijuana for sale, and $17,000.

Thomas Pryce_2
Thomas Pryce of Danbury, Credit: Danbury PD

Aside from the pot bust, the following local people were arrested as a result of the warrant sweep by the Danbury Police Department:

  • Patrick Brusca, 49, of Danbury
  • Tracey Bricker, 45, of Bethel
  • Keith Brandon, 37, of Danbury
  • Ian Picerno, 36, of New Haven
  • Peter Ward, 52, of Danbury
  • Freddi Almonte, 46, of Danbury
  • Roman Cruz, 30, of Danbury
  • Daniel Pannell, 32, of Danbury
  • Ali Wakeman, 24, of Danbury
  • Ricardi Castenda, 18, of Danbury
  • Julio Bispo, 24, of Danbury
  • Juan Duque-Pauta, 65, of Danbury
  • Robert Morehouse, 63, of Danbury
  • Donna Walker, 53, of Danbury
  • Tanya Chanbers, 35, of Danbury

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