I was watching last night's Yankee game versus the Blue Jays and what stood out to me more than anything is the obvious, mutant natural talent Aaron Judge has. He now has 12 home runs and leads the league in that category as a rookie.

Last night he hit two home runs. The second one he worked the count from 0-2 to 3-2, fouled a few off and buried it in the left field seats. It was a typical Aaron Judge home run. The first to me was even more telling about this guys power. It was his shortest ever that just made it over the short porch in right field. This was a pitch that any other player would have turned into a line drive foul ball four rows back in right just past third base. It was a testament to his bat speed and hand strength.

He looks like a men among boys. He's 6'7" and 280 lbs. He's built like a Greek God. The way he carries himself with the media has already drawn comparisons to Derek Jeter. The guy so far has all the things that make a great Yankee. The best part is, he is 25 years old. To say I have a man crush is an understatement.

No question, the Yankees need pitching and they will load up either before the trade deadline this year or in this upcoming off season. The future indeed looks bright for #99 and the Bronx Bombers.

Now in just a few days we get Gary Sanchez back who in his first minor league rehab start hit a home run last night. Bird needs to pick it up but I think he will if they give him time and Clint Frazier should be here no later than late next year. Things are about to get wild in the Bronx.

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