How many of us have a car full of water bottles, some empty, some full? But did you know that those water bottles that are just sitting in your hot car could actually start a fire?

So you say how could this be possible? How can a half full bottle of water actually start a fire? It may have actually happened to you already. If you still don't believe it, there's video proof:

Here's how it happens: When the hot sun hits a plastic bottle at the right angle, the water in there can act like a lens, and concentrate the light on one specific point. It's basically the same effect as using a magnifying glass to reflect the sun's rays onto an object. How many of us have done this in science class? So you see where this is going.

Under the right conditions, that hot pinpoint of light can cause something in the car to smolder, or worse yet, if the object is flammable, it could cause a full fledged fire. Now the odds of a water bottle setting your entire car on fire are pretty low. In most cases, the worst thing that'll happen is it might melt a small hole in your upholstery.

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