I can't believe I'm typing this, but I am. My almost 20 years, this time round, here at i95 is coming to a close.

Actually, if you read my "bio" on i95rock.com, you know I've rocked here on - air more than once. My first time at i95 was the overnight gig when I was just out of college radio on WXCI at WestConn. From that overnight gig, I moved on to WPDH in Poughkeepsie, NY, and then to the now defunct WHCN in Hartford Connecticut (it's now The River) and I returned to i95 WRKI in 1999.

So, here's me dropping the bomb on Ethan and Lou:

So there you go, or more to the point, there I go. My radio career has been awesome, I may find some Florida airwaves to take over, or I may just go sell shoes! Considering the hundreds of pairs that are getting moved to Florida, I might start a shop out of my own home, because I sure as s--t shouldn't be allowed to buy any more.

It's been an honor to keep the fantastic i95 listeners company all these years. To say I'll miss you is an understatement.