According to the Wall Street Journal the U.S. men's suit market has shrunk by 8% since 2015 and retailers are struggling to evolve with the "comfort trend." In an effort to adapt retailers are pairing jackets and pants with sneakers and hoodies.

The suit is dead and gone and I did not need the Wall Street Journal to tell me it was over. I knew when the corporate guys from our company came here a few years back. Not one had on a tie or was fully buttoned up in a suit. They even mentioned it, that they dressed more casual.

I thought bringing it up was unnecessary. I saw you, I saw ten guys walk in dressed like they were going to a polo match. I get it, you are cool. It is a cool look, business casual but should we be done with the suit altogether?

I have mixed emotion on this. I like wearing a suit. Nothing makes a dude look better than wearing a suit that fits just right. On the other hand, I would not wanna wear one everyday. I feel like everything on my body is being choked everywhere after like 40 minutes. I don't need to be choked everywhere. I need to live and wearing a suit everyday is no kinda life.

Then, I flip back to the other side and ask, how soft are we going to get? Not everything is about your own personal comfort. That's all we seem to care about today, what is my comfort level? If that is everyone's priority we are screwed.

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