The Red Sox just placed David Price on the 10 day injured list and I have to ask, is it because of his love of video games? We know the dude loves video games, specifically Fortnite, we know he's immature and we know that obsessive video game play can lead to nagging "itis" related injuries.

So, I ask again, is it fair to ask whether his current elbow tendinitis has anything to do with video games? If you say yes, we can be best friends for life. If you say no, you are being silly, really silly. Look at this clown...just look.

Dig the concentration on his face. Yeah, the guy said he would quit the game after his last video game related injury but do you actually believe him? Sub-question, how transparent is my river of hate for the Boston Red Sox?

P.S. - If I was the owner of a pro team I'd have it in my players contracts that they could not play video games, pick up basketball games or really do anything, at all other than play the sport I pay them to play. I'm only paying the Gross National Product of a small country, ya think you could put the controller down please?


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