We are at that point in any "Bachelor/Bachelorette" season when realistic, potential relationships start to develop. This is when the field gets narrowed to suitors that could actually end up in an actual relationship. This is when Hannah is supposed to super emotional because she's having strong feelings for multiple guys.

That's not happening because Luke P. is still in the house. This "meat-head" has lied to everyone, kicked another contestant in the head and thrown everyone not named Luke P. under the table.

A huge portion of the most recent episode was a conversation between Hannah and Chris Harrison discussing whether she actually wants to continue on with the show because serious relationships are not developing.

What is Hannah thinking? There are plenty of guys in the house that want to start to get to know her better but everyone's time is being spent on the Luke P. show. This guy is a GRADE A nipple head, he needs to go.

Of course we can all see that bouncing Luke from the show is what's best for Hannah but that is not why I want him gone. He needs to go because I have grown bored/tired of the current plot. Everyone hating Luke should be enough for for Hannah to see a sea of red flags, his behavior should be enough for her to see it but it's not changing.

Get him out Hannah or I'm quitting the show. Just look at this bucket of steroids with feet, would ya look?

Hannah would not have been my first choice for Bachelorette this season but she's grown on me. She's quirky and super cute. Ditch the clown Brown.

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