This guy sent us a message this morning, and he was not happy with i95 and the Ethan and Lou Morning Show. The message was short, angry, and begged a lot of questions. It simply said, "Worst radio station on the planet, must be proud."

After Large Dave responded to him telling him how proud we are, I did the same. Then, I started wondering what he was upset with. His Facebook profile was attached to the comment, so I took a look, and it all became clear immediately.

He heard us talking about Metro North on the show yesterday and it turns out the guy works for Metro North. So first let me say that I went back and listened to the segment and at no point during the discussion did we say anything bad about Metro North or it's employees, so here is a guy who heard what he wanted to hear. Second, this is typical of every complaint we have ever received. Everyone is down to have a good time and a laugh at everyone else's expense but when something hits close to home for them, they lose all rational thought. You sir, are the weakest link. Goodbye.

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