I'm cruising around the "web" yesterday only to learn about the hot new challenge, it's called the "Bottle Cap Challenge." This is where you have to roundhouse kick a loose bottle cap off the top of a bottle. My guy Conor McGregor did it, Jason Statham and even John Mayer pulled it off. I figured why not me? When I was done I challenged my pal and I-95 personality Joey Ech and he gave it a shot.

Why not me? Cause you haven't done a roundhouse kick since you were nine years old and that one did not go well either. Sure Conor did it, he kicks people and things everyday.

Jason Statham, another dude that literally kicks things and people for a living. Whoopty! How bout I challenge Jason to do six hours of live unedited content a day?

Finally, there's John Mayer. I love John, dude is great at everything but he was also out of his element and knew it. So he cheated with a vodka bottle with the world's only foot sized cap. You don't think I know a vodka bottle when I see one?

Lemme know when we do the high-front kick challenge, that I'm good at, I front kick like a mother. Even fighters rarely go full roundhouse kick.

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