I usually don't spend any time thinking about the weather, business or other people's problems if I am being honest. This however seems to be a topic of conversation wherever I go. At first the dialogue about this crap weather was limited to how the rain and cold has been screwing up people's social lives. The last week though all I hear from people is how this weather is costing them money.

Everywhere I stop people are saying the weather has brought their business to a crawl. Gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores and bars all seem to be suffering. Keep in mind I only go places where there are snacks and booze so I am sure these are not the only businesses taking a beating.

I don't go out with my family and spend money when the weather is terrible and I am sure I am not alone. When the weather is nice, especially around Candlewood Lake we go out. We all spend money on gas for the car, gas for the boat, snacks, meals and alcohol.

Mother nature has not been kind to our social schedules but now she's hitting us in the wallet. Someone should say something. How is this weather hurting your business and how bad?

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