According to the Wrap, Steven Spielberg is all set to start shooting Indiana Jones 5 in the UK next April. Multiple reports say Harrison Ford is on board and will play Indiana Jones. Ford will be 76 when production starts.

I'm all for 76-year-old guys being the stars of movies. I'm all for bringing back old, popular movie franchises. I'm down to clown, but the last Indiana Jones movie, the Crystal Skull thing was ridiculous. You had an alien ending in an Indiana Jones movie? Not to mention Shia Lebouf was IN the movie. Putting aliens in a movie that stars Shia Lebouf is a "bringing sand to the beach" kind of thing.

That's was a franchise ending product if I am signing the checks. I am not signing the checks though so away we go. Hopefully they can make a movie SO good we forget they filmed the last one.

"Use your legs Mack, I can't do it alone." That's what Indy says in that tomb at the end of the "Crystal Skull" thing. They should remember that quote when they film the next one. Harrison can't carry the whole thing if the whole thing is trash.

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