The risks that our local police departments take on a minute-to-minute basis to protect our communities are as apparent as ever tonight, as it has been reported that a Danbury Officer was injured and three police cruisers were damaged during an attempt to take a suspected drug dealer off of the streets.

According to a press release from the Danbury Police Department, Officers Morrill and Zalenski were patrolling the area of Steven St. at about 3:00 PM today (March 14) when they say a person considered to be a known drug user was obviously involved in a transaction with a person who was reportedly driving a gray Acura RL.

The report says that as the two officers approached the car, they were backed up by two other patrol cars, and that's when the driver tried to speed off recklessly, striking all three police cruisers in an alleged attempt to flee the scene. Simultaneously, Officer Morrill was reportedly struck in the leg by the door of the car she was getting out of, as the Acura made impact with the vehicle. Officer Morrill reacted quickly, and as a result, her injury is minor, and she refused medical attention.

The collision with all three police cars, which are said to have been stopped at the time, gave the driver of the Acura an opening to flee.

The suspect has since been identified by police as Abdulwali "Tamel" Peterson, who was last seen driving eastbound on I-84 in Newtown.

A warrant is expected to be issued for Peterson's arrest.

We wish Officer Morrill a speedy recovery.

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