I mean, just look at that photo. How could we ever expect to endure that? What kind of parents would we be putting our children on their buses when the road is wet? I cannot even think of it -- It's too much to bare.

These schools have some racket. How does the decision get made? I know how I would make it, and I am pretty sure, based on today's decision, they did exactly what I would do.

You look out the window, realize there is nothing there, then you open the door and go, "Oh no, it's far too cold. I am going back to bed."

It becomes panic time when the weather gets bad. We all need to calm down just a little. No, of course I don't want anyone getting hurt, of course we should avoid that at all cost, but let's be real -- it rained.

Here is what we should do next time it rains, because we are not panicking hard enough:

We need to cover our families in bubble wrap, and move them to the basement. We stay there for three weeks, at least.

That way, we are certain no one gets hurt. When the three weeks is up, slowly climb out of the basement, grab a weapon, and check for zombies on the front lawn. Most importantly, don't assume that anyone you see is not a zombie. You should immediately hit them in the head with a shovel and ask questions later. DUCK AND COVER, PEOPLE. IT'S THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT!

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