This weekend, we made another trip to the Bronx Zoo. Every time we go, the Children's Zoo is always a stop, because the kids have so much fun. This time around, there was an added fun activity for them to try.

The Bronx Zoo has these fun Zoo Quests the kids can do while exploring different parts of the zoo. The one we took part in this weekend is the Adventure Club Quest. This takes place throughout the Children's Zoo and there are four different stations for the kids to do activities that are in the pamphlet.

At station 1, the kids were just supposed to look around and take in nature around them. Station 2 had them observe different behaviors of the prairie dogs, and station 3 included drawing an animal they saw by the alligators and monkeys. Finally, station 4 had the kids counting animals in the petting zoo. You can print out one of the activity pamphlets or they will give you one at the zoo.

The Adventure Club will run Wednesday - Sunday until October 30 and on holidays according to For more info on the different quests, check out the Guide section on the website.

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