Finding cool stuff in a landfill might be your idea of a wicked good time, but I'd rather we do our best to try and preserve Mother Earth.

Time to lay some facts on you. I'd like to assume that most Connecticut residents recycle, and they also know where to drop off their old electronics for recycling as well. But you know the old adage about the word assume making an ass of u and me. So I'm going to share some info, just in case.

What spurred me on to this is when I stumbled on a press release from the Mayor of Bridgeport's Office  reminding residents that the city offers free recycling of old electronics. I figured if a Mayor needs to remind people, then maybe my assumption that everyone knows was indeed making an ass of me. Hence the following information for all state of Connecticut residents.

According to the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection there are nearly 170 cities and towns around Connecticut that offer drop off locations for residential electronics. Click on to see if your town is listed. The DEEP says that while specific electronics accepted can be different from town to town they all are required to accept televisions, monitors, computers and printers.

Locally there are centers in Danbury, Bethel, Brookfield, Bridgewater, Newtown, New Fairfield, New Milford and Ridgefield. But for information on what additional electronics your town may recycle, you should get in touch with your local recycling coordinator. Here's a link to those local municipal recycling coordinators along with phone numbers.

Now you have no excuse.

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