Maybe the man was mad that the "Minion" wasn't speaking English in 'Merica' or he did not get the photo-op he was hoping for -- something set this dude off.

According to the Orlando Weekly a Florida Man will be headed to "moral recognition therapy" after a 10-day stint in jail for beating the piss out of a "minion."

26-year-old Ryan C. Nihart, who calls himself a social media star, was caught on camera beating up a person dressed as a "Minion" character from the family movie, Despicable Me. He was arrested, charged with misdemeanor battery, found guilty and here we are.

The person in the "Minion" costume was dressed that way for a promotion at a local Daytona Beach Boardwalk business called "Jungle George's." The costumed employee is Jamie Roehm, a 41-year-old disabled man.

WAY TO GO, A-HOLE! You beat up a disabled man in a costume that is meant to make children smile. All of that for what? According to Nihart, it was to get a "viral video." He apologized on Facebook saying:

So I do want to apologize to anybody I offended or offend with my situation, I was trying to give you guys a funny video with no ill intentions. I mean no harm and still love everyone and just want to make you all happy.

I've been tracking "Homo Sapius Floridius" for some time now. In fact, I consider myself something of an expert on "Florida Man." The one thing I know for sure is they can take any normal situation and make it "go south."

See what I did there?

Florida, you say?

Florida, because of reasons.

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