Remember going camping as a kid sitting around the campfire while your dad told you scary ghost stories?

Over the years, there have been stories circulating about some kind of creature that roams the depths of Candlewood Lake. Not to worry, because we know that's ridiculous, they're just simply urban legends -- or are they?

Of course they are! The first urban legend of a Candlewood Lake monster I discovered was on This creature was rumored to be a plesiosaurus, which back 203 million years ago, was a marine reptile. The urban dictionary called it the "Candlewoody." Very lame indeed.

My second urban legend source comes from an author of short stories, Kristi Petersen Schoonover. Kristi grew up around Candlewood Lake and was a natural storyteller who eventually became an author, and wrote about a fictional Candlewood Lake monster named "Candy." As told by Schoonover, Candy was a 20 to 30 feet giant walleye or bluegill. So imagine this walleye about 100 times larger.

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Legend has it that Candy prowled around the tip of Vaughn's Neck, which was between New Milford and New Fairfield. Candy was said to capsize boats near the shallows and then enjoy the boaters for dinner before they could swim to safety. Ever had your boat bumped a couple of times near Vaughn's Neck and had no idea why?

Couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine said she was swimming in one of the coves around Sail Harbor in New Fairfield, when a fish actually bit her. The bite wasn't actually painful, it was mostly surprising and pretty much freaked her out. You don't think there might be a connection between these little biting fish and Candy do you? Give it some thought next time you go swimming in Candlewood Lake.

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