If there was a party barge cruising up and down Candlewood Lake selling hot dogs on summer weekends, would you buy a couple?

The idea smacked me right across the face in the middle of the night after Mindy whacked me for snoring so loud. It was 2 AM and I couldn't get back to sleep, and I was starving, thinking a hot dog would hit the spot. Then it hit me. What if I turned my pontoon into the Hot Diggity Dog Party Pontoon on weekends from June 1 through the end of September?

I'd purchase the Kuuma Elite Gas Grill Stow N Go 316 that includes the warming rack to cook the dogs and an Igloo Marine Ultra Cooler for water and soda.

Kuuma Grill Sold by Kuuma on Amazon.com

I'd have to hire an assistant to take orders while I grilled the dogs. I'm thinking of an attractive lady in her mid-30s that looked smokin' hot in a bikini. Does that make me a perv and would Mindy give me permission? Probably not!

On a hot summer day, Chicken Rock is a veritable gold mine of hotdog lovers. Everyone knows that's where the cool kids hang out. Plan on the Hot Diggity Dog Party Pontoon spending 3 to 5 hours at the Rock on Saturdays and Sundays.

Chicken Rock on Candlewood Lake - Photo by Ethan

We're going to keep the menu very simple -- Nathan's All Beef Foot-Long grilled dogs served with either cold bottled water or soda. Toppings would include yellow and spicy brown mustard, ketchup and relish, and cash only. We're going with Nathan's All Beef foot long hot dogs without a doubt. If you have any suggestions for my Hot Diggity Dog Party Pontoon, please leave a comment. Excuse me a second, I've got a couple of calls coming in.

I'm on the phone with the Candlewood Lake Authority and my wife, Mindy. It appears that I should have checked with the CLA and my wife before laying the groundwork for my genius idea. The CLA told me there's 38 pages of regulations about how I won't be doing business on Candlewood Lake. My wife's comment about my entrepreneurial aspirations were short and sweet:

There is no f-----g way you're selling hot dogs off our pontoon!

Another life long dream squashed like a bug.

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