On Friday afternoon, July 1, 2016, Lou and I set sail for Vaughn's Neck and what we found will amaze you!

We got the call earlier in the week from one of the island dwellers on Vaughn's Neck, one of the vast rustic and unconquered islands of Candlewood Lake. He told us his name was 'Chris' but I'm pretty sure that was just a front to protect his identity. I picked Lou up at Echo Bay Marina and we began our voyage heading due north while he bitched and moaned for the entire 20 minutes about how I had forgotten to bring a cooler of cold beers. 

Our Host, Chris, Waiting for us at Vaughn's Neck - Ethan's Photo

'Chris' was waiting for us as we pulled up to the dock attempting to communicate with us in some sort of bizarre 'island sign language.' The very first thing we saw was a pair of abandoned sneakers, obviously left behind by someone who was being chased by an island creature. Really?!

Sneakers Left Behind - Ethan's Photo

What really happened was that Chris explained to us that most of the dwellings on the island were built in the 1940's when there were no thoughts of building multi-million dollar lake-front homes. There's only one rough dirt road above the property that was built by the electric company, although I can't figure out why, because there is no electricity on this section of Vaughn's Neck. The photo below is a personal watercraft from the 1940's.

Personal Watercraft from 1951 - EP











At first I thought the photo below were homes for the 'little creatures' called 'Vaughners' who first inhabited Vaughn's Neck in the mid 1700's.

Uprooted Trees or Hobbit Homes, You Decide - EP

Time for target practice on Vaughn's Neck. You never know when an amazonian black bear is going to attack.

Objects for Target Practice - EP

The next photo is obviously an alien space craft from the 1960's or possibly the beginnings of a new cabin.

The Introductory Stages of a New Cabin - EP

Initially I thought the following photo was the lost sections of a NASA rocket until our host, Chris explained that it was a water storage tank for the cabin. Sure, I knew that.

Water Storage Tank - Ethan's Photo

Bottom line, parts of Vaughn's Neck is undeveloped natural forest which is peace and quiet personified which is the main people like Chris's family have owned their property for decades. Residents bring in large tanks of propane and electric generators if they choose. Access to their property is by boat only. Sounds great doesn't it?! All kidding aside, it was peaceful and beautiful and Lou and I thank Chris for showing us around 'Deliverance.' Coming soon to i95rock.com and the i-95 FB page, the video of our adventure. I'm pretty sure Lou got really pissed off at me.

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